ENCORE Online International Event

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming ENCORE Online International Event that will shine a spotlight on the transformative power of Generative AI in the educational landscape. Join our engaging panel discussion with international experts to explore the impact of Generative AI on education as they share insights from their latest research and experiences.

  • Confirmed Speakers:
    • Manuel Ninuas, University of Graz - Focused on educational technologies, AI, and multi-modal learning analytics, with a particular interest in game-based learning environments for enhancing numerical abilities and computational thinking.
    • Gualtiero Fantoni, University of Pisa - Expertise in design theory, natural language processing, and its application in engineering.
    • Bhoomika Agarwal, PhD Candidate, Open University of The Netherlands - Exploring the ethical dimensions of AI in education, aiming to develop frameworks that ensure ethical implementation of AI-based educational tools.
  • Panel Moderators:
    • Filippo Chiarello, ENCORE's Project Coordinator
    • Alessandra Antonaci, ENCORE's Dissemination Manager

This event will directly engage top experts to discuss AI's future impact on education. Whether you're an educator, student, tech enthusiast, or someone keen on the ethical and practical aspects of AI in education, this panel will provide valuable insights and perspectives.

Stay tuned for the link to join this online event! and Register here: https://shorturl.at/oBX79

Let's explore together how Generative AI is reshaping the educational world. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a meaningful conversation on the forefront of educational innovation.